Altunkaya Group of Companies has opened up to the world markets with its brands Mahmood Tea, Mahmood Coffee, Mahmood Rice and Altunsa in the food sector with almost 2000 products offered, focusing on quality and trust. Altunkaya prides itself on being a company that develops in line with Türkiye’s goals.

Altunsa, the brand giant in the food sector, exports more than 1000 product varieties that meet all kitchen needs to more than 40 countries, particularly the Middle East. Altunkaya Group of Companies, increasing its market share and the number of countries it exports to every day, contributes to the national economy by embracing the principle of being recognized as an international and leading Turkish food and beverage company.

Altunsa Gıda, a facility of the Altunkaya Group of Companies that has made significant investments in the food and beverage industry, began operations in 2005 and expanded its product line from the production of powdered beverages to coffee products. Mahmood Coffee, one of the largest brands in Middle Eastern countries, is produced by Altunsa Gıda, which provides best-in-class service and builds strong partnerships with customers.

Altunkaya is growing rapidly in the food sector, ensuring customer satisfaction by producing high quality and safe food products under the brand Altunsa in accordance with national and international standards and representing Türkiye’s name proudly in the export market.