Since its establishment, Altunkaya Group, achieving the best in its fields of activity and giving continuity to the principle of “quality in every line business”, brought the Lidersan Dairy and Animal Feed Enterprise founded on a total area of 60 hectares to Gaziantep in 2012, in Beşdeli village in Oğuzeli district of Gaziantep.

Lidersan Dairy Enterprise was established with the aim of establishing and operating an agricultural, breeding, milk processing and fattening livestock facility developed using the latest technologies. The company is engaged in the production of raw milk and breeding of heifers possessing 3500 cows, including 3120 milking cows, and 5000 calves and heifers and fatlings, totaling 8500 heads of animals. As of 2022, 38,000 metric tons of raw milk will have been produced annually, and by the end of 2025, the target is 45,000 metric tons of raw milk.

All breeding cattle purchased initially are Holstein breeds imported from Germany and America.

Our company is one of the largest tuberculosis and brucellosis free and EU approved dairy farms in Türkiye, located on the same premises.