Altunkaya Group of Companies

It is a huge company based in Gaziantep, operating in many industries. It represents Türkiye in foreign markets in many fields, from food to beverage sector, from health and cleaning sector to agriculture and livestock sector.

Altunkaya Group of Companies, which employs nearly 2,000 people, has been adding value to Türkiye since 1980 and continues to grow and develop.

All Over of The Life

Quality of Service

We work to achieve the highest quality products and services, placing great emphasis on knowledge and team spirit.


We believe that a sense of trust is at the heart of sustainable value creation.


The lasting, high-quality relationships we have built with our clients from the past to the present form our loyal customer base.

Leading Exporter Company in the Industry for 10 years
2 Companies in Fortune Türkiye 500
50 +
50 Exports to more than 50 countries
12 Industries

Altunkaya Group of Companies

Mahmood Coffee is a global brand that can compete with world brands and has more than 30 years of experience. With its wide range of products, it appeals to all lovers of coffee.

Mahmood tea is carefully selected from the best tea farms in Sri Lanka and goes through numerous control processes until it is delivered to the end consumer for you to enjoy with pleasure. The secret of Mahmood Tea's excellent taste and quality lies in its production technology, which combines modern technology with the traditions of a millennia-old tea culture to produce world-class tea.

Mahmood Rice is one of the largest suppliers of Indian 1121 Sella rice. What makes Mahmood Rice unique is that our core activities such as paddy husking, rice grading and thickness grading are done in a world-class rice processing facility. In addition, polishing, length grading, color grading and packaging are performed in our integrated facilities to deliver a quality product.

Altunsa is the major brand of Altunkaya Group of Companies in the food sector. The product range covers almost all the needs of kitchens with more than a thousand types of products.

Altunsa Fresh, a frozen food company, is the innovative brand of Altunkaya Group of Companies, which operates in many food segments. Our products are frozen with IQF (Individually Quick Freezing) technology, which preserves their nutritional value, exquisite taste and smell. We offer practical and fresh products to consumers every season.

Drawing attention for its comfort and quality, Confy is well on its way to becoming the preferred diaper brand of parents. The brand, which has achieved success with its advanced design, is carefully designed for the delicate skin of babies.

With more than 30 years of experience and a technology team that includes female engineers, CONFY LADY was developed to help the women of the world feel comfortable in their daily lives and safe at all times of the day.

CONFY ADULT is a world first in the adult diaper category. The innovative products provide excellent value while being hygienic solutions for hospitalized patients with an absorbent top, breathable texture and odor-resistant properties.

Confy Cereal mixes are made to high quality standards from carefully grown quality cereals. It contains vitamins, iron, calcium and protein in different types of products.

Confy Baby jar baby food is carefully made from high quality, seasonal fruits and vegetables suitable for your baby's diet.

Confy Lac follow-on milk support your baby's immune system after breast milk in baby-friendly quality.


Confy Protein milk contains 25% more protein with a nutrient-rich formula and keeps you active throughout the day with its high levels of calcium, vitamins D, B2 and B12.


With its natural fruit flavors, Euro Drink offers consumers powdered drinks in a variety of fruit flavors to suit all tastes.