Gaziantep, Türkiye – Altunkaya Company Union, a member of the Southeast Anatolian Exporters' Unions (SAEU), has been recognized for its outstanding export achievements, earning the prestigious Championship award for the highest export volume in the Southeast Anatolian Region. This accolade underscores Altunkaya's unwavering commitment to promoting Türkiye's presence in the global market.

 Upon receiving the award from Abdulhamit Gül, the deputy of Gaziantep, Masum Altunkaya, the CEO of Altunkaya Construction Transportation And Food Commerce Incorporated Company, expressed his gratitude to the SAEU and reaffirmed the company's dedication to excellence. "Success is the inevitable outcome of teamwork," Altunkaya stated. "Our employees and veterans have made immense contributions to our achievements, and their hard work and dedication are truly commendable."

 Altunkaya further emphasized the company's ongoing investments in other industries, emphasizing its role in strengthening Türkiye's economic standing. "We are committed to empowering Türkiye through strategic investments and fostering a culture of innovation," Altunkaya remarked. "I am confident that our success will continue to flourish, fueled by our unwavering commitment to creating employment opportunities and upholding the highest standards of quality and service."

 Altunkaya's recognition as the top exporter in the Southeast Anatolian Region serves as a testament to its unwavering dedication to advancing Türkiye's global presence. The company's success story exemplifies the power of teamwork, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to excellence.