For us, people are one of our most important corporate values, which we are constantly developing and enriching. In this context, our goal is to attract qualified human resources, contribute to the training and development of these resources, and create systems and processes that ensure proper career planning where success is rewarded. We want to ensure that the human resources we have created based on “Science, unity and success” are made up of people who are educated and experienced, have a high sense of belonging and responsibility, value information sharing and the spirit of unity, and have embraced a success-oriented work approach.



We always say “people come first.”

We know that with satisfied employees, working together toward the same goal, we can always achieve more.

We take care to maximize the satisfaction of employees, and customers.

In our interpersonal and business relationships, we strive to ensure that our customers and employees win together with us.


Competing with ourselves, we always strive to achieve the best quality of products and services by striving for the best.

We attach importance to the fact that the products and services we provide are healthy and meet human needs.


We believe that a sense of trust is at the heart of sustainable value creation. In line with this understanding, we build long-term, trusting relationships with our customers, colleagues, institutions and organizations.

We achieve more than we promise to our customers, and we always keep our promises.


We value our employees; we produce innovative, courageous workers. We build on our experience in business processes through sustainable, long-lasting relationships with our colleagues.

A philosophy of aligning our companies’ resources with our customers’ needs and requirements is at the heart of our business. The sustainable and high-quality relationships we have built with our customers from the past to the present form our loyal customer base; their continued trust in us strengthens our sustainability.


At Altunkaya Group, we prioritize global vision and quality while maintaining local ethical values and culture in all our businesses. This global vision is essentially manifested in the areas of design, planning, collaboration, quality, human resources and supply chain management.


At Altunkaya Group, we use all recruitment tools in the most effective way based on our vision, mission and values, to place the most accurate and competent candidates for the available positions. Using the competency-based interviewing system, we assess the suitability of our candidates’ competencies in light of our vacancies and achieve talent acquisition by placing the right person in the right position.


As part of the performance management system we apply at Altunkaya Group, we establish company and functional performance indicators at the beginning of each year and meticulously create our SMART goals within the framework of a specific model so that all affiliated companies can work towards the same goals. In line with these goals, we implement a performance management system in which our high performance is sustained, successful performance is rewarded, performance open to improvement is developed through development programs, and performance results are integrated into other human resources systems. In addition, we utilize the potential of our employees, increase their added value and support them with development opportunities. We conduct potential assessments, succession, rotation and career planning activities in the fairest possible way and lay out systematic maps for our employees’ career development in a clear and transparent manner. This is how we maximize the strength and flexibility of our organizations.


We professionally take care of identifying training and development needs, creating training plans, implementing them and evaluating their effectiveness in order to improve our employees’ competencies and enhance their job performance in the training and development process. We also employ internal trainers at Altunkaya Group. These internal trainers pass on their experience and knowledge gained over many years in business to their subordinates and enable the team to develop in line with the corporate culture. In addition, we strive to develop with projects such as the “Engineering School”, which aims to develop leadership skills.


Within the framework of university-industry cooperation, Altunkaya Group has always been perceptive towards the internship requirements of our universities and is aware of the importance of reinforcing students’ theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge. At Altunkaya Group, we continue to support our schools and students. Altunkaya Group, which has hosted thousands of students during their internships so far, has always been happy and proud to accept young talents who are open to development and change via the “young talents internship program”